5. Conclusion

Summary of finding:
So the reason to why maggots are found not on UV is nor LED is due to them being soft bodied and that they risk drying out. Also, the worst possible form of keeping a food preserve is actually keeping it in a dark place with more than 50 ml of water. UV also doesn’t prevent the maggots or other insect from eating the bread. instead it attracts more insects towards it. Examples are ants.
Also, maggots are attracted to large amount of water which allows it to sustain its life

Practical applications:

It would to be help in knowing what to focus on creating fridges and things that preserves food.

when using UV and LED light it kills the Maggots: In terms because of it being soft bodied it is actually easy to lose moisture

So using that, we gotten some info of how UV light would be effective in helping preserve food
Also the one with most amount of maggots is the dark light with 5ml

Areas for further studies:
They can have replicated the experiment, and instead if just using the above variables they could change constants such as temperature, As we’re students, we dont have access to such advance equipment in our labs we thus had to do without it. We also wanted to test out on humidity. For example, if we were to send food to different areas, we would require different amount of water in it. Thus if for example, a hot humid environment helps in growth, they would need to find ways to prevent it. You could try adding moisture to the slices or putting different amounts of sugar or lemon juice onto the slices.(Citation to be inserted here) Also, one could try on more than one type of bread such as wholemeal. We could use normal white bread that we find. With all this factors we'll know in what way we should help to optimize the life span of bread in places that doesn't have much fridges

Comparisons with various experiments people conducted before:

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